Join the Team

What is a Rep?

A Rep is an individual who uses social media and other methods like shows and meets to help expand a brand and help to gain new interest.

Reps also help to decided on new products, designs and meeting places and have an input on how we should run things.

Benefits of Becoming a Rep!

  • A starter 10% discount code which can be increased depending on how much you rep the brand
  • Exclusive clothing and products
  • Be in the loop on all new and existing products
  • Have a say on future products
  • Receive 10% Commission from all referrals (anyone who uses your discount code to make a purchase)
  • Free gifts in orders every so often

How to Become a Rep

  1. Make sure you follow @maticflames_uk on Instagram.
  2. Follow @maticflamesapparel and @Y5CGM
  3. Purchase anything from our store
  4. After completing the first 3 then please send us a message on instagram confirming you have done so.
  5. Within the message please let us know what you would like your 10% discount to be. e.g. MATIC10, ST3BOB etc.
  6. Leave the rest to us!

Please bare in mind that we only allow a max of 30 reps, we have over 6k followers on Instagram and unfortunately cannot have everyone as a rep. If you are not fortunate to become a rep don't worry we may have space after a few weeks/ months.


To earn commission all you need to do get a friend, family or a follower to either purchase using your discount code or to say that they have been referred by yourself. The commission will automatically be paid into your PayPal account at the end of every month.

You will receive 10% of the total order excluding shipping costs and payment processing fees. Before they payment is sent to you we will inform you of the amount payable to your account, with this information you can then request to either have it sent or to transfer it into store credit. If you wish to use the commission as store credit, you will receive an extra 40% so if your commission for the month is £10 you can either have the £10 cash to PayPal or have £14 store credit added to your account as loyalty points!!